Consulting Services

Lacidem Medical provides consultation to innovative medical device and biologic manufacturers.  Below is a sampling of what we offer for consultation.

  • We can identify emerging markets and sales opportunities that will exploit the markets and actualize sales potential.

  • Works in conjunction with other business units, representing your company at the highest levels of hospital systems, focusing on IDN (Integrated Delivery Network) and IHNs (Integrated Health Network) where conditions for contracting are mutually acceptable.

  • Assist corporate initiatives to improve current systems, in order to better evaluate the financial impact of regional and national contracts and their effect on multiple distributors and designated territories; thus, minimizing the impact on your company.

  • We can help respond to RFP, RFA, RFI and RFE’s regionally and national GPO’s (Group Purchasing Organizations) and hospital systems IDNs as assigned and in negotiating and implementing national contract agreements.

  • We can work with your sales team in responding to the needs of local, regional, and national GPO’s (Group Purchasing Organizations), and regional & national hospital systems.

  • Coordinates quarterly meetings regarding contract and pricing management with your company's Executives.

  • We can help initiate new GPO and/or IDN relationships and continued development of current relationships, to ensure that all relationships are maintained.

  • Provide contract administrative services including negotiating Terms & Conditions, redlining of terms and conditions, contract timing & renewals.

  • We can help in your company's price negotiations, setting pricing floors and establishing your company's pricing policies and procedures.

  • We can also help your team in sales channel acquisition, vetting and execution.